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AFL Coaches need more support - Eade

Former AFL coach Rodney Eade admits more needs to be done when it comes to supporting coaches.

“Part of the issue is that coaches have got to put their hand up and say ‘I’ve got a problem’. Guys who tend to coach are alpha males, are stubborn and keep things to themselves.

I think more on the back of Danny Frawley, and even James Hird, I get a feeling the AFL don’t recognize the coaches as much as they should.” Eade told Sports Breakfast.

“What form that takes - whether it’s more money for the coaches association, or in-depth programs once a coach finishes so they have a plan - there needs to be an acknowledgment about it.”

“I think there needs to be a think-tank about it, because things may spiral out of control like we’ve seen with a few coaches and it becomes quite public. Plus a lot of other coaches have had issues that haven’t been publicized.”

When asked if there was an attitude from the coaches that the sports psychologists and doctors were just there for the players, Eade said he’d like to see the programs made more accessible.

“As a coach you don’t go there yourself - you’ve probably got your own mentor or people you go to. And a big part is acknowledging any problem you might have to yourself.

“Alan Jeans always used to say ‘If an alcoholic is in the gutter, he’s not going to get fixed unless he acknowledges he’s an alcoholic.’ Maybe those channels need to become more accessible from an AFL or a club point of view that they are there to support the coaches as well.”

Listen to the full interview below:



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