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AFL: "if they were confused last week, they shouldn't be now."

The AFL will continue to crackdown on players umpire abuse despite widespread confusion.

AFL Head of Football Brad Scott telling the media that more free kicks for umpire dissent should have been paid over the weekend.

There were six free kicks or 50metre penalties paid correctly over the weekend and another six missed instances where umpires could have penalised abuse but failed to do so.

“With the inconsistency on the weekend where we paid some and didn’t pay others I get that some players may think what is the level of dissent that we are allowed to produce? And the answer to that is none. Our umpires missed some, we acknowledge that and we will work on that,” Scott said.

“If they were confused last week they shouldn’t be now,”

Scott reiterated that the effect of what is occurring at AFL level would trickle into community footy and it was up to the peak body to lead by example.

“Our message to players is that when an umpire pays a free kick, accept it and move on and our message to umpires is we encourage you to continue to pay free kicks or 50-metre penalties where players have shown dissent,” Scott said.

“You can be surprised at a decision, but you can’t show dissent towards an umpire. You can’t question an umpire’s decision, it has been accepted in the game for far too long. Ultimately, we have let this go as an industry over a period of time and we have just got to get on with it.”

IMAGE: Fox Sports

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