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AFL list numbers to have final say on alignment

The WAFL alignment model between Dockers and Peel Thunder could come to a premature end if the AFL decrease lists sizes significantly.

Speaking on #SportsLine Peel Thunder CEO John Ditchburn said it would be very hard to sustain a WAFL club alignment model with decreasing list sizes.

"This agreement does finish up at the end of 2021 and I suppose that may be quickened up with the list sizes of the AFL clubs."

"I don't think they'll go drastically short straight up next year, but the following year there might be more cuts.

"We'll discuss that with Freo and the WA Football Commission as to the best way moving forward but it seems local that if they get to 40, or less than 40, that it would be very difficult to have a full alignment with a WAFL club."

Peel will look to recruit local first and may decide to garner eastern states interest to secure 5-6 big bodied players that they will need to compete.

Ditchburn said whether the club could field a reserves sides in 2020 was up for debate.

Clubs also face hefty losses if fans aren't able to attend matches and he believes crowds are a must.

"I'm not sure if we need $100,000 down going into next season and I think that's the reason that the season could start later, the later we go the more opportunity we have on getting crowds if the AFL can't have crowds well we might be able to get 2-3,000 to every game and that would be sensational for the WAFL."

IMAGE: Peel Thunder


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