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AFL and PA agree to pay deal

The AFL and the AFLPA today have agreed to terms for players to take a pay reduction during the COVID -19 shutdown.

Players will take a 50% cut to the end of May and then a 70% cut if games are postponed longer and back to 50% when games resume.

AFL CEO Gill McLachlan said the football community were united in doing everything possible to ensure the game remains strong.

“The players always understood the gravity of the situation and have agreed to take significant pay cuts to ensure we can keep the industry going.  I know it is not easy but I want to thank Paul Marsh and Patrick Dangerfield for their leadership and the action the players have taken for the collective good of the football community,” Mr McLachlan said.

AFL players also have agreed to play until the end of December to provide flexible scheduling.

McLachlan said they were committed to playing 144 games plus finals and would work with the clubs and players for the most safe and appropriate return date.

Other points of the agreement:

  • Further grants to the Association be cancelled until the end of October, which equates to more than $8m and includes payments for Injury and Hardship, Retirement Account, Player Development and Wellbeing, and Operating Grants.

  • A $250,000 grant will be delivered for the AFLPA to provide ongoing mental health and wellbeing services as well as financial advice given players’ changed circumstances and a $500,000 grant to be paid to allow AFLPA to assist players in financial hardship.

  • The AFL and AFLPA will also continue to work through implications for the current CBA and changes beyond 2020.

IMAGE: Newcastle Herald

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