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AFL strengthens COVID protocols

The AFL has banned contact training in groups of larger than nine for the next four weeks.

Groups smaller than nine will be permitted to participate in contact training and clubs will still be permitted to conduct full ground ball moving drills without contact.

It comes after Essendon player Connor McKenna tested positive to COVID -19.

Essendon players and officials remain in isolation after were tested again on Monday with results to be returned in the coming hours.

Further to that, Players and Approved Club Staff must not visit other houses, or have visitors in their house, in the period commencing 48 hours prior to their weekly pre-match day PCR test until after that test.

AFL General Counsel Andrew Dillion said the strengthened protocols were simply enforced to mitigate the risk at both clubs and in the community.

“The COVID-19 virus is still a major challenge for the wider community, and the events of the weekend serve as a reminder to all that we must continue to ensure the appropriate precautions are in place and, most importantly, followed.” Mr Dillon said.

“These protocols were put in place to protect the health and safety of the players, staff and their families from the Covid-19 virus as well as the wider community and we must continue to be vigilant.  The updated training protocols continue to put that at the forefront.



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