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AFL tells clubs to lead the way on umpire respect

The AFL has revealed its written to clubs calling on them to play a greater role in showing respect for the umpire.

AFL Executive General Manager Andrew Dillon said had an obligation to set greater standards.

“We are 6,000 umpires short at the community football level and it is incumbent on us to set the right example at the elite level so we can encourage and retain umpires across the country to best support the rapidly growing player participation base.

“As part of the review of the 2021 season, we identified a number of instances where the AFL community fell short of those standards when it came to demonstrating respect towards umpires.

“The AFL and its Clubs have a unique leadership role in the community, and with that role comes responsibility. Disrespect towards umpires is an issue at all levels of football and has no place."

Tuesday's communication also laid out the penalties to those who abuse umpires, make public comments about umpiring performance/ decisions and those who approach umpires during the breaks.



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