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Armstrong destroyed other peoples lives: Mitchell

Former ABC broadcaster and SportFM contributor Glenn Mitchell believes Lance Armstrong will never take ownership of his systematic doping that led to him being stripped of his seven Tour DeFrance titles.

Armstrong has appeared in a two part ESPN 30 for 30 documentary about his career, seven-years on from his confession that he had used performance enhancing drugs throughout his time.

Speaking on #SportsLine Mitchell believed nothing new came from the documentary.

"He'll go to the grave trying to justify why he took the drugs and why he acted as he did." Mitchell said.

"What Lance has to understand and he keeps dodging around it people like Ben Johnson, Marion Jones other high profile people who have doped never ever destroyed other peoples lives or livelihoods."

Armstrong attempted to take down journalists, team mates, opponents and medical staff who took a stand against the disgraced athlete.

Mitchell believes that Armstrong is vilified more than any other drug cheat because of what he did to other people.

"He needs to take total ownership of the fact he behaved aggressively and differently to any other drug cheat in history. He was one of those people in the end that if you tell the same lie long enough you'll actually believe it and it's almost like he has convinced himself that he wasn't doing anything wrong."

"Other drug cheats only did it to themselves their reputation was destroyed but they didn't destroy other people and Lance made a hobby of it and that's why people is cycling hate him."



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