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Bancroft leg side fortune "bad luck"

WA men's cricket team batsman Cameron Bancroft believes there is an element of bad luck to a run of leg side dismissals in the first half of the Sheffield Shield season.

Six of his past seven innings he has been caught behind by the wicketkeeper or at leg gully.

Speaking on SportsLine Bancroft said the run of dismissals weren't something that he had stressed about.

"I haven't really thought about it much to be honest." Bancroft said.

"I think it's pretty bad luck, I've got the machine and faced a lot of balls in that to try and improve that."

"I also want to make sure that when I get a ball outside off stump that I step through it and hit it through the covers as well."

"What it's open my eyes to is the amount of balls that go in the air there, I think I've highlighted that for every player that it's a vulnerable position."

WA resumes their Sheffield Shield campaign at the Adelaide Oval on Friday morning at 8am.

Every ball of you can hear on 91.3 SportFM.



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