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Blakely hoping to make Gold Coast home

Delisted Fremantle Docker Connor Blakely believes Gold Coast is his most likely option to continue his AFL career.

Blakely was let go by Fremantle at the end of the season after eight seasons and 78 games on the clubs list.

Speaking on Sports Breakfast Blakely said his time at the club had many ups and downs.

"As the years went on I started to play some really good footy under Ross and that was enjoyable then he finished up towards the end of 2019 and that's when JL (Justin Longmuir) took over, JL's a very good coach and the clubs moving in a pretty good direction but I didn't have as much opportunity as I would have loved to have had to show what I can do and know what I can do at the top level."

Blakely said the hardest aspect about this period was not knowing where he would be next season but remained positive of another chance at AFL level.

"What's helped in this process is my manager has been on the front foot with his communication it went quiet for about three months but about a month a go he said Gold Coast flagged their interest and it's looking pretty good.

"Despite being in limbo or being in this period of time where nothing is guaranteed the news coming out of their (Gold Coast) has been pretty positive so I'm looking hopefully at getting on their list."

Despite the interest from Gold Coast or another eastern states club and it didn't pan out Blakely didn't rule a line through playing with his brother, Nathan at WAFL club Swan Districts.

"Two Blakely's would certainly be better than one. It is always something that we have always wanted to do and I have spoken to Phil Smart, certainly in the future, not too distant future depending on what happens at AFL level there would be a nice little reunion there."

The AFL delisted free agency period runs until November 15.



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