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Boullineau wins Siena's Player of the Round

South Fremantle defender Jordan Boullineau's dour defensive efforts were rewarded in the Bulldogs 14-point win over East Fremantle, winner of the Siena's Player of the Day award.

Boullineau, who previously played 27 game for Peel Thunder before crossing to the Bulldogs last season, kept Sharks forward Cody Leggett goalless and held him to just 7 disposals, part of a Souths backline that only conceded two goals from 44 inside 50's in a 15th straight derby win.

"He (Leggett) is a fair bit heavier than me; I was trying to ground him and body him as much as I could and make sure he didn't get a clean lead at it," Boullineau said on 91.3 Sport FM after the match.

"He's a pretty good player, so I'm very happy with my game."

The Bulldogs now sit 4-4, but sit on only 8 premiership points due to their pre-season salary cap breach, leaving the red and whites two wins out of the four with ten matches remaining.

Boullineau recognised the importance of the result and the coming matches for his side.

"I think every week is our Grand Final week," he said.

" We've just got to make sure we bring our best every week from now on. There's no chance to fall asleep.

"We're just focusing on every game and making sure we do our best."

Boullineau wins the $100 voucher to spend at station sponsor Siena's in Leederville, awarded to the player of the day as adjudicated by our 91.3 Sport FM commentary team in our broadcast match.


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