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Broadcasters on board for NRL relaunch

The NRL has reached an agreement with its broadcasters the Nine Network and Foxtel as a return to competition on May 28 takes shape.

After extensive meetings on Friday ARLC Chairman Peter V'Landys said all parties had met on common ground.

The competition structure is still to be worked through including the length of the season.

"We were all united on the 28th May start. But just the competition structure, we need a little more time — but we definitely announce it early next week."

The clubs will begin training on May 4 under strict bio-security measures and clubs have been told they will receive those measures in writing over the weekend.

NRL has already warned any breach of health and safety measures will carry strict penalties, understood to include loss of competition points and fines.

All 16 clubs will need to tick off on any arrangements and subject to review from the players association.

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