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CA delay announcing contract lists

Cricket Australia has delayed announcing it's contract list for 2020-21 and will wait until the end of April to make the announcement.

Speaking on #SportsLine Australian Men's Team Head Coach Justin Langer confirmed the process had been completed.

"We completed that about two weeks a go, our final 20 players we're now holding it back now so we can get some clarity of what's happening in the future." Langer said.

The former Australian opening batsman said it was quite a complex and difficult process.

"It's one of the tough parts of the job there's no doubt about that.

"There's a method that we use there's some maths to it, some science to it selection is always quite subjective.

"We rank the top 20 players in one-day cricket, T20 cricket, Test cricket the three selectors do that and there's a weighting on Test and one-day cricket and at the end you put it all together and it spits out the top 20 ranked players."

Langer also spoke about being anxious when the Amazon documentary "The Test" was released and how he would be portrayed.

"Yeah absolutely there was anxiety about how I'd come across, but it is what it is, I mean that's who I am.

"I was sweating in my tracksuit pants watching a few of the episodes remembering where we were just goes to show where we have come from in the last 18-months, it's been a rollercoaster journey but it's been a great journey."


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