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CA returns to Kookaburras full time for Shield cricket

Cricket Australia will employ Kookaburra balls only for the upcoming Marsh Sheffield Shield competition.

Dukes ball had been used in the second half of the season since 2016-17 assisting players in their preparation for coming Ashes tours.

CA's Head of Operations Peter Roach said that Dukes balls could return in the future.

“The introduction of the Dukes ball has been a worthwhile exercise ... we have been happy with how the ball has performed when used in Australian conditions over the past four seasons,” Roach said.

“We do, however, feel that reverting to one ball for 2020-21 will provide the consistent examination of our players over a full season that CA and the states are presently seeking.

“The Kookaburra is the ball used for international cricket in Australia and many parts of the world.”


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