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Central Coast the ideal hub: Sage

Perth Glory owner Tony Sage believes one hub on the Central Coast should be the way forward to finish the A-League season.

He believes the hub idea is a lot better despite boarder restrictions potentially being relaxed by the end of June.

"I think it will be all in one location." Sage said when asked about whether games could be played in Perth post the relaxation of those border restrictions.

"It would be easier with all the players having the same conditions quarantine, testing it different states you could have different testing regimes. Some states may not life their restrictions so let's plan for one location.

"It could also become a lot more cost if you have teams flying all over the country, especially one with only one airline, it may be a lot easier to do it in one location."

Sage couldn't see a way forward to have crowds in venues and believed it was unlikely to see crowds at any sporting or concert before the end of the 2020.

"Let's use smaller stadia, there are more rectangular venues in New South Wales that play rugby on that might not be being used, my preferred one would be Central Coast there would be no rugby played there so that would be the perfect hub."

Fox Sports last week paid the latest instalment of the TV rights fee but the Glory owner believes the FFA won't past that money on and will use it to help finish the last portion of the season.

Sage believes there is still hurdles to be jumped including logistics and payments to players - how much should they be played over the period to finish the remainder of games after their contracts run out on May 31. The FFA and Professional Footballers Australia will need to work through an agreement.

Perth Glory players were stood down by Sage last month but he confirmed players and staff would receive their Jobkeeper payment for April on Monday.



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