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Chalmers could lockout Simpson from World Champs

Kyle Chalmers is reconsidering his decision to not swim at the World Championships at Budapest in June if that means former Actor and Singer Cody Simpson misses out.

Chalmers came second in the 100m butterfly on Wednesday just in front of Simpson.

It would be an incredible return to the pool for Simpson since returning to the sport in 2019.

After performing better than expected about coming back from a shoulder injury Chalmers said he needed to sit down with coach David Bishop to discuss the path forward.

"Unfortunately, I started out as a butterflyer and I've been swimming, I've been on the team now for 8 years, I've watched the 100 butterfly from afar and always wanted to do it, my body hasn't allowed me to do it to this point,"

"Personally I think it's going to be the best thing for me moving forward because I know my coach, my squad go to Europe, I'll be left here by myself training by myself,"

"It's been a quick progression. I think it would have been very disrespectful for myself to stand there eight weeks ago and say I'm going to be at the World Championships swimming butterfly."



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