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Coach pays tribute to late Docker

Inaugural Dockers coach Gerard Neesham has paid tribute to Quenton Leach who passed away after a battle with testicular cancer.

Neesham who coached Leach at both Claremont and Fremantle speaking on #SportsLine said he was a "wonderful player" and a "terrific young man."

“He came off the half-back flank for a good three-and-a-half years for me, then two-and-a-half years before Fremantle. Neesham said.

“He played in a premiership in 1993 for Claremont and won the fairest-and-best in 1994, and both of those years he played every game.

“In the four years I coached him at Fremantle he played 56 games, which is a wonderful effort to average that many games each year and be available all the time.

“They were four pretty tough years, the inaugural years at Freo, and he was just a fabulous player.

“But more importantly he was a terrific young man, very easy to coach.

“He was a very humble, quiet fella, a very happy, friendly person, beautiful disposition and he will be very sadly missed.”

Leach player 56-games for Fremantle and was just 47, s survived by wife Shannan and children Ella, Oliver and Jackson.


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