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Cotton magic helps Wildcats to big victory

Wildcats Vice Captain Mitch Norton celebrated his 300th NBL game in style following a 98-90 win over the Adelaide 36ers.

There were nervous moments though for the visitors as Adelaide went on a 9-0 nothing in the final quarter to go from six points down to three points up in a matter of moments.

Some Bryce Cotton magic and some support from Corey Webster and TaShawn Thomas who both scored over 20-points showed Perth are more than a one-man band.

Cotton produced 32 points and six assists including hitting four threes including a clutch three-pointer to help the Wildcats on their own 9-0 run to put them back up by six with seconds remaining.

Wildcats coach John Rillie said he was happy that his team had been able to put together back to back high energy level performances.

"I think the thing we've done a great job of over the last couple of games is we've just competed a lot better from the start to finish," Rillie said.

"It's amazing how things then start to go your way. We've got some great players who we can rely on in the clutch, but if we don’t get to the clutch it doesn’t matter.

"We're getting contributors all over the floor in the last couple of games and that's the biggest difference for us. It's exciting right now but we've got a big game Monday so we can't get fat and happy just because we win two games."

Perth are back in action again on Monday when they host Melbourne United.

IMAGE: Getty Images


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