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Cricket Umpire Rudi Koertzen passes away

Former International Cricket Umpire and the man known 'for the slow finger of death' Rudi Koertzen has died.

The 73-year-old was given the name because he slowly raised his finger when giving a batsman out.

Koertzen was involved in a car accident on Monday returning to Cape Town following a weekend golf tournament.

His son Rudi Koertzen Jnr. confirmed the news on a local radio station.

"He went on a golf tournament with some of his friends, and they were expected to come back on Monday, but it seems they decided to play another round of golf," he told Algoa FM News.

Koertzen became an umpire in 1981 and officiated his first international fixture in 1992, when India toured South Africa. At 43, he stood in his first Test in Port Elizabeth. It was the first series in which television replays were used to judge run-outs.

He umpired 108 Test matches, 209 ODI's and 14 T20 Internationals.



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