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Cripps enjoying new leadership duties

West Coast Premiership forward Jamie Cripps says he is embracing his new leadership role and sharing his experience with his younger teammates. 

The 230 gamer has been at the club since 2013 and is the second oldest player on the list after Jeremy McGovern. 

In the AFL, West Coast is ranked the 16th youngest team in the afl, while ranked 14th in average games played.  

During the rebuild, Cripps has taken on a new role and responsibilities within a youthful forward group. 

Speaking to Sports Breakfast, Cripps says he is enjoying this new role over the past few seasons. 

“I've enjoyed is passing on my knowledge to the other sort of half-forwards and other young boys that come up to the half-forward line from midfield and working closely with Noah Long, Petruccelle, Brockman, Liam Ryan,” he said. 

“I've enjoyed the leadership, which has really stepped up for me over the last couple of years. That keeps me thinking about other people's games as well.

“If I'm struggling to find the ball, then at least I'm thinking about someone else as well. It's been really enjoyable doing the leadership stuff.” 

West Coast has recruited young players in numbers over the past few years, looking to the future across all three lines. 

Despite the 65-point thumping against GWS over the weekend, there were plenty of positives to be taken from the game. 

Dunsborough product Reuben Ginbey played a career-best game with 22 touches and five tackles, while Harley Reid impressed with 17 touches and several eye-catching moments. 

Cripps said the younger players are making it easy for the side to remain motivated, despite the big losses. 

“The last couple of years because we've been so young on a list that we haven't really had to search real hard to get that motivation or get that fun at training,” he said.

“Even though we've been getting beaten most weekends, it's still been really enjoyable going into work. 

“The young boys they've got lots of energy, so they're pumped around the club so that's good fun and they bring you with them. 


The Eagles are set for an extended stint on the road, playing the Bulldogs in Melbourne this weekend, then Sydney in Adelaide for Gather Round. 

Looking ahead, Cripps says the Eagles will take some confidence out of last year’s win against the Bulldogs heading into this weekend’s match. 

“We'll take some confidence out of that, even though it was last year,” he said.

“They’ll want come out firing and they won't want us to get the win again. They're another quality team and it will be a tough, tough, tough match. 

“I think the boys will work hard this week and try and clean up a bit of our ball movement stuff from the weekend and hopefully get it.”



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