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CT Chairman takes aim at Cricket Australia

Cricket Tasmania Chairman Andrew Gaggin has launched a scathing attack on Cricket Australia.

Gaggin has vented his frustration over CA's handling of the resignation of Tim Paine believing the governing body has thrown Paine under the bus.

“In conversations I have had in recent days it is clear that the anger among the Tasmanian cricket community and general public is palpable,” Gaggin said.

“Tim Paine has been a beacon for Australian cricket over the past four years and instrumental in salvaging the reputation of the national team after the calamity of Cape Town.

“Yet, at a time when CA should have supported Tim, he was evidently regarded as dispensable.

“The treatment afforded to the Australian Test captain by Cricket Australia has been appalling, and the worst since Bill Lawry over 50 years ago.

“The Cricket Tasmania Board reaffirmed its view that Paine should not have been put in a position where he felt the need to resign over an incident that was determined by an independent inquiry at the time to not be a breach of the Code of Conduct and was a consensual and private exchange that occurred between two mature adults and was not repeated.”


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