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Derby 60,000 crowd under threat as stage 5 now "under review"

A potential 60,000 strong crowd for the western derby is under the review after WA Premier Mark McGowan revealed the government was re-considering state 5 implementations on July 18.

Due to an increase in COVID -19 cases in Victoria, including 127 new cases on Monday it has caused a potential re-think.

“We always said with Phase 5 that we would continually review that based on health advice and that review is currently ongoing,” McGowan said.

“We will make a final decision on that in the course of the current week - if we go to Phase 5 on July 18 or whether or not we delay that beyond that date.

“We don’t have any evidence of community spread in WA."

Collingwood and Geelong are due to meet at Optus Stadium three days prior to the derby on July 16 for a Thursday night fixture that will have the 30,000 crowd limit in accordance with Phase 4.



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