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Dockers confirm Covid- 19 testing

The Dockers have confirmed that a player has been sent for precautionary testing for Covid- 19.

Fremantle released a statement on Monday evening that read:

"The Fremantle Football Club advises that a player has been sent for precautionary Covid-19 testing after having contact with a friend who had been in China earlier this year.

The player has advised the club that after his friend returned from China the friend underwent a 14-day isolation period, as recommended by the Australian Government for all Australians returning from China.

The friend reported that they had suffered no flu-like symptoms during or after the isolation period.

The club was further advised that following the completion of the 14-day isolation period by the friend, which ended more than two weeks ago, the friend travelled to Perth and visited the player.

The player reported to club medical staff today that he was suffering flu-like symptoms and, as a precautionary measure and despite the fact that the friend had reported no flu-like symptoms, the player was immediately sent for testing and isolated.

The test results are expected to take 24-48 hours.

The club will provide a further update when more information becomes available."



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