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Eagles midfield 'key' to maiden season win: Sumich

Former Premiership Eagle Peter Sumich says West Coast win over Richmond was a ‘great result’ for the club, with plenty of positives to take away. 

West Coast recorded its first win for the season, with a 39-point win over an injury-ruined Richmond side, lifting them from the bottom of the ladder. 

After conceding the first four goals of the game West Coast switched back on after Jack Darling and young gun Harley Reid kicked two back-to-back goals. 

From there, the Eagles piled on a further 14 goals - six belonging to Jake Waterman. 

After calling for West Coast to kick more goals over the past few weeks, Sumich told Sports Breakfast increasing their scoreline paid off, with the crowd getting up and about.

“It's amazing how you can get a forward who can stay at home a bit more and get him one-on-one,” He said.

“Tylar Young, he was a little bit raw and that's fine, West Coast has been in a similar position. 

“It was good to get a hold of someone and someone kicked six goals, it's amazing isn't it? Kicking goals that everyone gets excited about.

“At West Coast, they've just got to keep kicking ten-plus goals and everyone gets excited, whether they win or lose. I don't think that's the problem, it's more about the way they go about it. 

In the midfield, Elliot Yeo wound back the clock and delivered a classic performance, with 27 disposals, two goals and 15 clearances. 

He was supported by Tim Kelly who had 29 touches and eight clearances, while Reid took the game on to finish with 27 touches and seven clearances. 

Sumich said the midfield’s performance was an overriding positive, with plenty of growth across the board.


“He keeps growing and growing Yeo. It's amazing how you can get your body right, what can happen? Harley Reid keeps improving. To what level this year? We'll wait to see,” he said. 

“The midfield really got on top. So that was the key. Ginbey was okay, but he seems to be growing. Positive signs. 

“Once Taranto went out, in a couple of hours, I think that that was nearly game over for Richmond. If West Coast bought their A game, or a game that was always going to be competitive, they were always going to be in it to win.” 

Post-game, teammate Yeo and coach Adam Simpson advocated for Reid’s Rising Star nomination for round five. 

Sumich says you can’t complain about his performance and instinct to take the game on. 

“He's going to be a very good player. I'm not going to say a champion player because we'll give him that title when he deserves it. Right now, he's a very good player. 

“He's going in the right direction, and that's all he has to do. In the years to come, hopefully, he gets to that status.” 

IMAGE: Getty Images


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