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Eagles midfield to be formidable: Embley

West Coast Eagles Norm Smith medalist Andrew Embley believes the Eagles will become one of the most dominant teams around the contest in 2020.

With the introduction of Tim Kelly and the return of Nic Naitanui from injury West Coast look formidable in that area along with Luke Shuey, Elliott Yeo and Andrew Gaff.

“The West Coast Eagles supporters are really excited to see what he (Kelly) brings to this really good midfield group that they already have,” Embley said.

“And as we know, Nic Naitanui doesn’t really lose many hit-outs. They could become a really dominant team around that contest.”

Embley also questioned whether the Eagles would look at a genuine second ruck option to Nic Naitanui or pinch hit with Oscar Allen instead of looking at options such as Tom Hickey or Nathan Vardy.

“West Coast obviously have a pretty tall forward line as we know with Kennedy, Darling and Oscar Allen. Whether they play Nathan Vardy as their next tall or whether it is Hickey. They are probably going a bit too tall there.”

“I think for mine Vardy and Hickey really need to show something as a key forward,”

West Coast launch their Marsh Community Series fixture next Thursday evening at Mineral Resources Park.



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