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The Eagles must have a crack: Sumich

The Eagles’ effort has been questioned in the wake of their five point loss to North Melbourne last weekend, with a contested possession deficit of 27 at half-time attracting attention.

Eagles legend Peter Sumich said West Coast needed needed to compete more if they wanted to avoid another poor season.

In his column in The West Australian yesterday, Sumich detailed his own experience with the ruthlessness of club CEO Trevor Nisbett, saying he and John Worsfold were sternly told they would have been sacked if not for their status as club legends after a wooden spoon season in 2010.

Sumich told Sports Breakfast he was not sure whether standards had slipped at his former club.

“I’m not inside the club anymore so I don’t know what Trevor is saying, it’s just an opinion of mine (based on) what I see from the outside. Whether Adam’s under the pump or not, I don’t think anyone knows except probably Trevor and Adam, but the results aren’t there,” Sumich said.

“You just can’t let it go on for years and years and years, because the fans and the corporates, they put a lot of money into the club. That’s one of the most powerful clubs in Australia, let alone AFL.

“They want a bit of a response. They’re not saying they’re going to win a Premiership this year, but they want to see their side a bit like what North Melbourne did last week, they just had a crack and they got a result, whereas West Coast I thought in the first half especially were deplorable.”

The Eagles will come up against GWS at Optus Stadium on Sunday, with the Giants missing top-line midfielders Josh Kelly, Lachie Whitfield, and Harry Perryman due to injury.

Sumich said the Eagles had the capacity to beat the Giants but the result would depend on their level of effort.

“I’m tipping the Giants because I’m not going to tip West Coast again. I tipped them last week and I’ll probably lose this tip and they’ll probably win,” Sumich joked.

“I think the fans, how many rock up on Saturday will be interesting, and what they want to see is effort, whether they win or lose.

“I think it’s more about the way they attack the game and I think that’s where the fans and everyone will be watching.”

Across town, Sumich said Fremantle’s decision to drop young key forward Josh Treacy in the wake of their loss to St Kilda while retaining Matt Taberner was “bizarre”.

“I do rate Treacy. I was there when Matt Taberner came to the club and he’s had a crack at it, he’s played very well, he’s done well for himself, but I just don’t see Matt being the future in the forward line,” he said.

“I think Treacy and Amiss should be playing and they should have that combination going straight away if they can, … if those two kids can get twenty games of chemistry together, I think it can be a potent forward line.”

“That’s just the match committee’s decision, but I see it a little bit different because I think they need to get that going to get ready for the next 12 months, 24 months, where they’ll have a good forward line with those two in it.”

The Dockers will come up against North Melbourne at Optus Stadium at 4:30 on Saturday afternoon.



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