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Eagles need to rediscover their "ruthless streak."

The Eagles sunk to a new low in the thrashing at the hands of the Swans on Saturday, suffering their biggest loss ever and the fourth-largest defeat in the 126-year history of the VFL/AFL.

West Coast legend Peter Sumich has declared the club needs to rediscover their ruthless streak on the back of their 171-point loss to Sydney.

Club chairman Paul Fitzpatrick released a message yesterday stating the position of coach Adam Simpson was not under threat, but Sumich told Sports Breakfast something had to give at the embattled Eagles.

“If the coach is going to survive, then players like Luke [Shuey] and Hurn and Gaff and Darling should go at the end of the year,” Sumich said.

“That’s how it works in footy, it’s pretty simple.

“The Eagles used to have a board that had a spine. They were ruthless, they were tough. I don’t know where this board is at and what they’re thinking.”

Sumich said the Eagles had enough well-credentialed personnel on the park to produce a competitive performance against the Swans.

“Look at the centre bounces on Saturday’s game. You had Williams who’s been very good this year in patches, you had Elliot Yeo, Shuey and Sheed. Three premiership players in the middle and they got monstered,” he said.

“They had seven or eight premiership players, then you throw in Gaff, Oscar Allen, Hunt who’s a senior player. They had eleven players in that side who you would say are good AFL players.

“Where’s it all going? I just don’t understand anymore.

“It’s easy for all of us sitting on the sidelines, don’t get me wrong, but at the end of the day, you want to see something happening.”

With Simpson declared safe, the spotlight has been turned onto long-term CEO Trevor Nisbett, but Sumich said he was not sure how the process of making change at the club would play out.

“It’s another thing for the board, but then you’ve got Trevor who’s on the board,” he said.

“Where’s his vote go? Does he go outside the room if they’re going to vote on coaches and CEOs?

“Trevor’s been there long enough to know where the club’s at and what needs to be done. I know Trevor very well, there’s a lot of history with Trevor and myself, but if he doesn’t know what to do in this situation, he’s lost it.”

West Coast’s next assignment comes in the form of St Kilda at 2:40 pm on Sunday at Optus Stadium.


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