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Eagles reveal updated theme song

The West Coast Eagles have released a reworked club theme song ahead of the 2020 season.

The song features two new lyrical verses, with the original chorus remaining the same.

The new version was written, composed and produced by Birds of Tokyo band member Ian Berney, lead singer of Birds of Tokoyo and Karnivool Ian Kenny delivering the lyrics.

The song also incorporates the use of digeridoo and clapsticks to honour the Eagles proud indigenous heritage, as the club continues to evolve it's club branding and identity within the Western Australian community.

Experienced Eagles brand and strategy consultant Stephen Wells told SportsDrive on Wednesday the song was a hit with fans.

"Extremely positive (feedback). I think a lot of people were surprised how different it is compared to other club songs. We looked across the AFL and elsewhere in the world as to what other sporting clubs are doing with their iconic songs." he said.

"It's always been a problematic thing to look at the song and work out how we bring more meaning to this. The process of going through the identity gave us an opportunity to look at what is unique about Western Australia and Western Australians, what's unique about the Eagles."

"What is it about their brand of football and internal culture that defines us? That's where the words and two new verses (in the song) came from."

The song will be played at all AFL and AFLW matches, starting with the Eagles inaugural AFLW match against Collingwood at Victoria Park on Sunday.

IMAGE: AFL Photos.

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