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Evans shelves retirement plans

Dual Olympian Blair Evans will delay retirement plans as she strives for a birth at the postponed Tokyo games.

Speaking on #SportsLine Evans said she had declared that post 2020 she was "going to go and get a real job and join the real world."

But for the 29-year-old the goal posts have changed and whilst she was disappointed initially the games had been postponed it gave her the opportunity to strengthen some of her weaknesses.

Injuries have hampered Evans journey including a serious shoulder injury and two bulging discs in her back that had nearly forced an end to her career.

"I'm now able to build a set of shoulders that will carry me through the next year there's definitely negatives to it but I'm seeing it in a positive light for myself." Evans said.

She admitted there were a number of considerations before she made the decision to push on.

"First and foremost it was whether by body could actually keep going for another year.

"If I get back into training and I really don't feel like I can keep going for another year after two ore three months then I'll know I have to make the call but at the moment it's just a day by day process."

Evans believed that the certainty around the announcement of Tokyo being slated for 2021 would be refreshing for some athletes.

"Some athletes dedicated their lives to every waking minute for their sport this gives me a little bit of a break who were probably on the edge of falling apart like myself so it's great to reset, refocus, spend some time with family and then go again in 2021."



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