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FFA launch advisory committee

Eleven of the most intelligent minds in Australian football will come together to discuss and debate the growth and development of the sport.

Acting under the auspices of FFA's Football Development Committee which comprises, amongst others, FFABoard Members Remo Nogarotto (FDC Chair), former Socceroo Mark Bresciano andformer Westfield Matilda Amy Duggan.

Known as the "Starting XI" the panel includes, who will serve an initial two-year term on a voluntary basis: Mark Viduka, Josip Skoko, Clare Polkinghorne, Ron Smith, Mark Bosnich, Paul Okon, Frank Farina, Heather Garriock, Vicki Linton, Joey Peters, and Connie Selby.

FFA CEO James Johnson believed the panel will make a positive contribution to football.

“Since joining FFA I have made it clear that we will be a football-first organisation that seeks to harness the collective knowledge and experience that our most successful contributors – be they current or former players, coaches, or officials – have to offer,” Johnson said. 

“We have had to act quickly to stabilise the organisation during this difficult period. In the background however, we have been moving several pieces to ensure that we continue to do the work which will be vital to launching the future of football in Australia. “The Starting XI will provide a great platform for eleven of our best football brains to share their insights and ideas with FFA on key matters from grassroots to international football, national teams, player pathways, and the overall wellbeing of the game."



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