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FFA launches investigation into Melbourne derby pitch invasion

Football Australia has launched an investigation and strongly condemned spectators who stormed onto the pitch during Saturday night's Melbourne derby.

Melbourne City goalkeeper Tom Glover was left with suspected concussion following being hit in the head with a bucket while referee Alex King was also injured.

Fans invaded the pitch as a protest to the A-League's decision to host the finals in Sydney for the next three seasons.

Protests where fans had walked out of the stadium had occurred early in the round but not to the level of Saturday night's antics.

Fans had thrown flares onto the pitch, one hitting a Channel 10 camera operator before goalkeeper Glover picked up another and threw it back into the stands a short time later fans jumped the fence.

Football Australia CEO James Johnson speaking on Sunday said they were "disgraceful scenes."

“Such behaviour has no place in Australian football, with a full Football Australia investigation to commence immediately, where strong sanctions (will) be handed down,”

Melbourne Victory released the following statement: “The club unequivocally condemns the actions of fans at Saturday night’s match against Melbourne City at AAMI Park,” the Victory statement said.

“The actions that occurred, that saw spectators enter the pitch and injure a Melbourne City FC player, an official and a Network Ten cameraman, are not acceptable under any circumstance and have no place in football.

“The security and welfare of everyone involved in a football match is paramount and the club will not accept this behaviour.

“The club would like to formally apologise to Tom Glover, match official Alex King and the camera operator as well as all players, officials and those who witnessed the appalling behaviour.

“Melbourne Victory would like to reiterate there is no place in football for what was witnessed tonight.”



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