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Focus remains firmly on Tokyo

Australian Olympic team Chef de Mission Ian Chesterman is very confident that the Tokyo games will proceed without fail.

Speaking on #SportsLine Chesterman believed all the information pointed towards the games going ahead as scheduled.

"I think we are surprising calm." Chesterman said.

"We control what we can control, that's the advice to the athletes. Obviously there is some issues, that are we taken very seriously but the athletes just need to focus on what they can which is their training and preparation and readying themselves for what I think will be a great games in Tokyo."

When asked whether fears and measures to contain would lead to empty stadiums Chesterman believed that would not be the case.

"The Japanese have been very pro-active in trying to control the spread of this before it became rampant."

"They are playing sport in closed stadiums, cancelling sport and schools are not in until the end of March."

Chesterman had also not considered a postponement of the games with focus very much being that the games will start on July 24.

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