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Force to play in Australian based competition

The Western Force will play in a proposed Australian based domestic rugby competition.

Force owner Dr Andrew Forrest AO said he wanted to see rugby return to a position of prominence in Australian sport.

“Put simply, I want what is best for rugby in Perth and in Australia and to ensure the game flourishes,” Dr Forrest said.

“My views on the mismanagement of the game under the previous Rugby Australia administration are well known. Change is imperative at the top for rugby to thrive long term.”

Dr Forrest was quick to add it was just a once-off with the Force committed to playing in Global Rapid Rugby.

“I developed and launched Global Rapid Rugby across the Asia Pacific region to prove how rugby can be played – fun for the players, fast moving, high scoring and always entertaining.

“The Australian sporting public deserves to see more of that style of rugby. A game which keeps up with the times and is not mired in a myriad of laws. A game which returns rugby to its former national prominence and international appeal. A game that will be embraced by the Asia Pacific region as relevant, culture strengthening and entertaining.

“Until I see evidence that reinvention is at the core of any strategic plan RA comes up with, it will be difficult to commit to a long-term investment.”

Rugby Australia will announce competition specifics in due course.


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