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Former CA Chair "the whole thing has been handled poorly."

Former Cricket Australia Chairman Wally Edwards has expressed his disappointment in the way the current board has handled the Justin Langer "saga".

Speaking on Sports Breakfast Edwards said that CA has "handled the whole thing pretty poorly."

Edwards who was Chairman of CA for four years between 2011-2015 said he didn't think the game had been handled well during the pandemic.

"I don't think the Cricket Australia administration has done very well in leading the cricket public through it.

There certainly has been a lack of direction, it has been very frustrating and I feel very sorry for JL because this has been the climax of it all in a way."

Edwards who led change for the board to become independent from the states said he "wondered whether we (CA) has moved forward at all to be honest."

The former Test cricketer also expressed his frustration at the board for the mistreatment of Langer who had "poured his heart and soul into the job."

Langer took over as coach after the controversial sandpaper-gate and went on to win the Twenty-20 World Cup and the Ashes 4-0 this year.

"Leadership failed in South Africa and JL was brought in to restore leadership and he did that in a fantastic way."

Edwards suggested the whole process should have been separated from the players but it was public with Captain Pat Cummins and leader Aaron Finch being heavily involved.

"Players have too much power, the challenge is to keep administration away from players."



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