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Fyfe to miss up to another six weeks

Dockers skipper Nat Fyfe is set for more time on the sideline on the come back from a shoulder reconstruction.

Fyfe is set for a minor procedure early next week that could see him miss a further three to six weeks.

Speaking on Channel Ten Fyfe said he'd got a little bit "discy" in his build up to returning to full fitness.

"Over the last eight weeks building from the shoulder reconstruction in that big push get my body back up to speed and put weight back on to get strong I've just got a bit discy in my spine. It hasn't recovered as much as I would have liked over the past week."

"Disc prolapse pushing onto the nerve which is going down my right leg."

"This gives my shoulder another couple of weeks so that fully heals but there is always the risk to get yourself up in a condensed timeframe that you are going to put the rest of your body at risk."

The Dockers take on the Saints this Sunday afternoon.


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