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Games could be played off five day break: Neale

Brisbane midfielder Lachie Neale believes backing up after just five days to play another match is a possibility in an effort to play a meaningful AFL season.

The AFL are exploring options for their 17-round, 144-game season and will provide an update on a re-start date at the end of April.

Speaking on #SportsLine Neale after experiencing it last season said it was certainly possible.

“Once you’re up and going you just recover for those five days basically and do a little bit of training, but nothing strenuous,” Neale said.

“I felt pretty good going into that game and that was a full-length game.

“I am sure they will come up with ways to keep the guys fresh, so I’ll be more than happy to play whenever they need us to.”

However, Neale wanted games to return to 20-minute quarters to help his style of play.

In round one quarters were reduced to 16-minutes in anticipation that games may need to be played in quick succession.

“I am not the quickest bloke going around, so I tend to just sit at one pace for a lot of the game,” he said.

“I sort of find towards the end of quarters is when the game opens up and you can use your footy smarts a little bit more.

“That period of time was cut a lot shorter than it usually is, so hopefully moving forward for my sake they don’t cut the quarters short.”


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