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Giants have grown together after GF loss

Tagger Matt DeBoer believes the Giants have grown as a group of the back of the 2019 grand final loss to Richmond.

Speaking on #SportsLine DeBoer said the group would learn immensely from the season.

"I don't know if I've read too many personal development books but I don't think it's ever a failure or a waste.

"We're all about growth and enjoying the journey as well. It was a disappointing finish and we can't find from that fact but the maturity I've seen the boys grow is quite profound and will hold us in really good stead going forward."

DeBoer who had been part of the Dockers losing grand final team to the Hawks felt the second time around stung a bit more.

"Yeah, I think it gets worse the second time around to be honest.

DeBoer who re-invented himself as a tagger in 2019 sort out the advice of former Docker Ryan Crowley to give him a few pointers.

"A fair bit of preparation goes in the lead up in learning their motive and being across the tactics I might being in terms of positioning and structures."

When asked how did he measure the success of getting on top of his opponent DeBoer said it was all about the scoreboard.

"Ultimately thats the only result that I care about that's what it comes down to if we are winning, individually you can never switch off because these superstars can take the game from you in a couple of minutes."

IMAGE: Fox Sports.


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