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Ginbey open to Green match-up in GWS clash

West Coast midfielder Reuben Ginbey says he has no hesitations in putting his hand up to play on some of the AFL’s leading midfielders. 

After a 50-point loss last week, West Coast will be looking to recreate last year’s round two upset against GWS in its first home game for the season. 

The Giants, who sit first on the ladder, have started the season in electrifying form - taking down reigning premiers Collingwood and North Melbourne in the opening two rounds. 

Ginbey told SportFM that while he’s unsure of the exact role he’ll play, he has no qualms playing on the likes of Tom Green. 

“Last year that was probably some of the roles I was given to go play on those midfielders. I had a bigger build for an 18-year-old, but I think this year I'm more suited for it,” he said.

“So If that's the role the coaches want to give me, for sure. Take that head off. I like Tom Green. He's a super good player for someone who's only 23, so it's awesome to see the way his career is developing. 

“I have been playing a bit more wing as well this year, I did last week just to try and bring my outside run and carry as well, so

I'm not sure what we'll be doing this week but if it's against Tom Green, I'll do my best.”

With Ginbey now in his second year, the 19-year-old will be looking to build on his experience from last year. 

He averaged six tackles and 13 disposals across his 17 games before a hamstring injury sidelined him for the rest of the season.

In round three, he earned a Rising Star nomination after a stellar showing against Fremantle in an injury-ravaged derby. 

After making headlines for his preseason, Ginbey says he came into his second year looking to build strength while maintaining his running ability.

“Now I have a bit more of an idea of, the physicality of the game at the top level and the fitness needed to try and match it with the top and biggest mids in the comp,” he said.

“I think it was my first proper preseason because in your first one, they hold you back a little bit but this year I really have worked on building a bit of size and strength which I've been able to do and also keep my running ability.

“Coming into this season, my goal is to just be more of an offensive player because I think last year I showed my defensive intent in what I can do in tackling and pressuring. Now I want to bring up that offensive damage into the game that some of the best midfielders in the comp have.”

Ginbey also put down the preseason’s newfound intensity to new recruits within the strength and conditioning department. 

Over the off-season, West Coast added former Collingwood strength and conditioning coach Paul Turk and High-Performance Manager Matthew Inness to its ranks. 

“I think there definitely has been a refresher. I guess moreso players, but as well the strength and conditioning staff, which is super important,” said Ginbey.

“Matty Inness has brought a wealth of knowledge into his club, and I think from the data we've been showing, this has been the hardest pre-season the boys have done it a long time in terms of distance and speed, and match sim minutes. 

“You can do the hundreds of minutes of running, but nothing replicates match fitness so to get those hundred plus more minutes, those match sims have been massive for us. 

“The other guys they've brought in like Paul Turk, obviously came from the peak from Collingwood last year and they got their bodies right so they were able to win a flag. 

“To have those boys come in from different clubs and bring in some different insights and what they do at the other club has been massive for this pre-season.”

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