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Give Youth A Chance: Despotovski

Perth Glory legend and current Glory women's coach Bobby Despotovski believes there should be a quota of playing time for youth players at A-league clubs.

"Absolutely, I'd love to see it. But it will only happen if we reduce the number foreign players. However if we do that, then the TV and crowd numbers will suffer." Despotovski told Sports Breakfast.

"People in Australia will give you time to get those youngsters to the top level, but sometimes they are short sighted and they don't see the vision of it, and if the vision isn't explained by the club (then they won't get behind the idea). For the longevity of the league, we need to produce young players that are going to be sustainable and stay in the league to play - that's the only way to do it."

The former Glory striker was adamant that players like Nick D'Agostino should be given more chances to shine.

"I still don't understand in Australian football, how the majority of the Olyroos aren't playing regular games in the league. D'Agostino was another one - he hasn't played much here, had a great tournament with the Olyroos and that's warranted him a start at the Glory. But it happens all over the league - your future Socceroos aren't getting game time, and I don't understand how this football league can allow that."

On the women's game, Despotovski sounded a warning to the W-League about sitting on their hands and hoping for another crop of Matilda's players to just appear.

"I think the opportunity now is to produce the next line of Matildas. We're very good in Australia at producing one great generation, and it's happened to the Matildas. So we have a great opportunity now while the Matildas are on fire to make plans for the next generation, rather than do what we usually do - which is admire our golden generation, and once the golden generation leaves, then we wake up and say 'what now? Let's spend another 15 years to produce another!' rather than putting things in place now so that production line never stops."

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IMAGE: Perth Glory.