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Gleeson unhappy with quick opt out period

Wildcats coach Trevor Gleeson is still disappointed that two of his star players were given just two weeks to decide their futures.

Last week dual-MVP Bryce Cotton and two-time All NBL player Nick Kay opted out of their NBL contracts after having their pay slashed by 50%.

Speaking on #SportsLine Gleeson believes the deadline should have aligned with the July 1 opening of free agency.

“Even if we don’t start until later in December or January, that’s seven months time. To make a decision now on your future is a big ask for the players I think,” Gleeson said.

“Allow the players until July 1 to have that time to see if they wanted to opt out or not.

“That gives them the chance to see what the water’s like here in Australia and overseas.

“It was forced on the players a little bit, but I certainty understand Bryce and Nick chance to go out to the free market and see what’s out there in Europe.”

When asked whether Mitch Norton had considered leaving Gleeson was quick to deny that was the case.

“I had plenty of talks with Mitch, he was always locked in.

“He’s ready to go next year and I think he is going to have a cracker of a year.

Travel restrictions have already hampered Gleeson's planning for next season admitting the planning had become "disjointed" as he would have already headed to the US and been scouting for talent at the Summer League.

“The hardest part, especially with our culture, we’re very mindful of getting the right person. Their work ethic, their body language. That’s important for us.

“It is hard to do that when you do not meet the player face-to-face. We’re going to have to rely on a lot of third party and contact on the phone."



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