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Greene cops six-week ban

The AFL has been successful in it's pursuit of extending GWS Giant Toby Greene's three-week ban for making contact with umpire Matt Stevic.

On Thursday morning, the AFL Appeals Board believed a greater sanction was appropriate extending Green's suspension to a total of six-weeks.

Greene has served one-week of the suspension before the Giants finals campaign ended therefore he will not be eligible to return until round five, 2022.

The appeals board agreed with Gleeson’s submission, with tribunal chair Murray Kellam QC stating: “The player, even with the advantage of three days to reflect on the incident and to review the video footage, implausibly maintained in his evidence that he was trying to avoid contact with the umpire.

“We have looked at the video on numerous occasions. No reasonable person viewing the video could accept that statement or the statement of the player that he was trying to stay out of umpire’s way.”



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