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Harris believes 19 is the magic number

Claremont Tigers coach Darren Harris is a firm believer that the draft age should be raised to 19.

Speaking on SportsLine, Harris described it as a 'no brainer' and was glad the conversation had once again been raised.

"I've always been a big believer in 19 is a good number. Harris said.

"For me, it would be as simple as if you are not 19 by the time the draft is held in November then you don't get drafted.

"I look at my time only at Claremont you look at Matty Guelfi, Bailey Banfield, Zac Langdon those three that were drafted out of my first year they'd all missed out on the draft, they'd all gone and had to start work on the tools or studying and they'd become men by the time they were drafted and have now played significant roles in the AFL in their first years."

Harris didn't believe players would miss out on draft selection if there was no state league competitions this season.

"From my point of view there's 8-10 recruiters from each club who have been watching players since they were 14-15years of age. If those recruiters don't know who they are selecting by the time the November draft comes around then I don't reckon they are doing their jobs.

"What will get missed is those players that mature a little bit later and play some great footy, the mature age players, they are the hard ones they have to make a decision on."

Entering into his fourth season as Claremont Tigers coach Harris was exciting by how even the WAFL competition looked to be shaping going into 2020 but remained unsure as to what the season may look like.

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