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"He should be up for attempted murder" - Green

Former Aussie boxing icon Danny Green has launched a scathing attack on Jeff Horn's trainer Glenn Rushton following Tim Tsyzu's victory in their super welterweight bout.

Green speaking on #SportsLine said Rushton failed in his duty as a trainer to protect his fighter.

"Jeff Horn's trainer Glenn Rushton I hope crawls back under the rock where he came from." Green said.

"He should be up for attempted murder after trying to let his boy go back at last night.

"Glenn Rushton is a flipping imbecile and it made me so angry. The trainers job is to protect the fighter, he nearly got Jeff Horn killed over in America against Crawford. He was going to let Jeff Horn go out again into round nine and get a battering and Jeff Horn isn't going to say no, you don't give the fighter the option to say yes or no in front of national live TV and around the world in front of all his peers, I am disgusted in Glenn Rushton."

Whilst Green was uncertain on what the future held for Horn he was adamant a change of trainer needed to be made.

"If Jeff does fight again, I pray he doesn't do it under Glenn Rushton because he is going to get hurt more and more and more."

The Australian cruiserweight champion was full of praise for 25-year-old Tsyzu who made the ultimate statement on the night.

"He (Tsyzu) was super impressive his composure and patience on a big stage was perfect, he was almost immaculate last night."

"I hope he can maintain this momentum, he's beaten the cream of the crop of who's in his weight division in Australia. He now needs to target the top 1,2,3 fighters and make his way to a world title. He's still got a way to go but he's doing right at the moment."

IMAGE: Fox Sports


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