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DRS continued discussion point

Head of Big Bash Leagues at Cricket Australia, Alistair Dobson, says that a Decision Review System "is on the list of things to consider" following Usman Khawaja's controversial non-dismissal in Tuesday night's Big Bash season opener.

Dobson, who spoke on SportsLine, said there are a range of considerations to make in regards to DRS including time, logistics and cost.

"Conversation around DRS is an interesting one." Dobson said.

"There's a range of considerations I guess including we play Big Bash games in different in different venues which is a consideration logistics wise and there is cost elements to that.

"Clearly it's going to be one of those things that we will continue to discuss when the season is over.

"Coaches have been relatively focal about it as have some of the players.

"One of the things the Big Bash has proven is that it's able to adapt, innovate and evolve each year and it [DRS] is on the list of things to consider."



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