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Hewitt receives Hall of Fame medal

Lleyton Hewitt has officially been inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame after a ceremony in the UK on Saturday.

Hewitt was inducted in the class of 2021 but due to COVID travel restrictions he was unable to attend.

No one was inducted in 2022 that left Hewitt to have the stage to himself and was presented the medal by another Aussie Tennis great Tony Roche.

Hewitt said one of his most favourable moments on being on his first Davis Cup back in 1999.

"I was only 18, I think, at the time. I had Pat Rafter as our top singles player and I was playing No 2 behind him," he said. "For me that was a really proud moment, to be standing beside all those great Australians that I always idolised and looked up to."

The 41-year-old said he had no regrets but wished he had won an Australian Open.

"There's nothing that I would change," he said. "But something that I wish, obviously, that I was able to achieve. I felt, obviously, I was good enough to do."

He was runner-up at the tournament in 2005.

Hewitt is a two-time grand slam winner, Wimbledon in 2002 and US Open 2001.



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