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Higher priorities than promotion/ relegation

Promotion and relegation is back on the agenda for the A-League but Football Coaches Australia President Phil Moss says the competition has greater priorities.

Salary cap revision and a second division competition need to be addressed first according to Moss.

"I definitely think in the future, yes." Moss said on promotion and relegation.

"I think though you need to be able to walk before you can run.

It has been widely discussed that the current salary cap does no longer fit the current A-League model and should be addressed by the owners body.

"If you look at the salary cap, I think that's becoming a bit of a ball and chain around the ankle of the A-League.

"Also a second division competition, the gap between the A-League and NPL is too great to have promotion and relegation. That bring's into sharp focus the second division competition which is being worked on now."

Football Coaches Association have a representative on the sub-committee addressing a future second division competition.

Perth Glory take on Western Sydney Wanderers on Saturday evening at HBF Park.



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