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Horn vs Tszyu Could Come To Perth

Sports Minister Mick Murray is working hard to ensure Perth gets the nod as the venue for the next big fight on the Australian calendar.

"It's still in the negotiation stage, but I've been talking to the managers and people that run the venues, and we're giving it a good shot to get the fight to Perth," Murray said on Sports Breakfast. "There's a lot of concern within the boxing industry that the hometown factor could come into play, so they'd like to see it in neutral territory."

"We should know in the next couple of weeks as both parties are getting a bit anxious about the train up times for their fighters. It's not in the bag yet, but we've got our hand up and we're hopeful we can get it to WA."

The other hot button issue on the agenda in WA sport is of course the potential of hosting a Test match against India here in Perth. When asked what the likelihood of it happening was, the Minister was confident.

"We want it. Our position is very strong on that. We want that first match - the numbers stack up for us, it's one event we don't have to encourage people to get to because they are turning up - there were 20,000 more in Perth than there were in Brisbane. We'd like to see the first Test match of any summer here in Perth and we're working very hard to make it happen, we're being aggressive in trying to get it here."

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