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Key Pie cops four week ban

Collingwood midfielder Steele Sidebottom has been suspended for four weeks for breaking AFL Covid -19 protocols.

Sidebottom and Dunn broke AFL protocols by taking an Uber late on Saturday night following a visit to the house of injured defender Jeremy Howe.

After dropping off Dunn, Sidebottom then took the Uber to the house of Magpies staff member Daniel Wells, which was another breach given that Wells is not part of Collingwood's COVID-19-compliant bubble.

Police then found Sidebottom intoxicated in the Melbourne suburb of Williamstown on Sunday morning, which was factored into his sanction, before he was driven home.

The Pies claim that the suspension was inconsistent and excessive but would not appeal the AFL's decision.

Collingwood General Manager of Football Geoff Walsh said the clubs disappointment at the decision was no greater than the incident itself.

"He accepts that he made some poor decisions but he also feels it is the right thing to accept the punishment, a greater punishment than most believe is fair, to avoid a distraction that could create difficulties for the competition and his team-mates," Walsh said in the statement.

Lynden Dunn also receive a one-match suspension.



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