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Kohli announces resignation as captain

Virat Kohli has announced that he will step down as captain of the Indian Test team effective immediately.

Kohli won 40 Test matches as skipper the countries most successful after first leading India in 2014.

He has recently been criticised following India's 2-1 loss to South Africa after accusing the local host broadcaster of cheating.

Kohli was seen shouting into the stump mics at the production and several other players were heard speaking their displeasure at DRS decisions.

On social media he said "It's been [seven] years of hard work, toil and relentless perseverance every day to take the team in the right direction," he wrote.

"Everything has to come to a halt at some stage and for me as Test Captain of India, it's now."

Kohli also recently stood down as captain of both the ODI and T20 sides.

The 33-year-old is expected to continue in the side as a batsman.


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