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LaMelo idea not a good one: Saville

Championship winning Wooloongong Hawk Glen Saville believes having LaMelo Ball buying into the club is fraught with danger.

The Illawarra Hawks were placed into liquidation by administrators on Monday with the NBL guaranteeing that the franchise had a future and would look comprehensively for a new owner.

Saville, a member of the maiden 2001 championship winner side said he was on the record in saying he didn't believe it was a viable option.

"I didn't think it was a very good idea." Saville said.

"LaMelo is putting his name to it but I don't know what level of involvement he would be having.

"In his management the one who is wanting to push their own coaches and players out here.

"He's going to be playing when he gets drafted (to the NBA) he's got an 82-game season ahead of him so I'm not sure how much involvement he's going to have.

"He spent 12-games here he up and left without even telling anyone that he was going back to America, from my point of view as a player who's played at the club and know our local community if that's someone who wants to be involved, does he really understand our club, why would he just up and leave and not tell his teammates."

Saville admitted he could also see it from a commercial point of view that Ball was someone who could attract sponsorship dollars.

"At the end of the day that's what keeps ticking things over, if it's all about commercial if that's what makes it work then maybe he should be involved."


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