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Lawler finds new home at Sharks

East Fremantle recruit Brayden Lawler has big expectations on what the Sharks can do this season.

Lawler has joined the club after a year off from WAFL football following 121 games with the Peel Thunder, including the 2016 and 2017 Premierships.

The 28 year old said he was bullish the Sharks could win their first Premiership since 1998.

“From what I’ve seen, most of the squad is up to league footy standard. I was actually quite surprised with the training standard when I got down there, so it’s been really good to see,” Lawler told Sports Breakfast.

“All the young guys are quite good footballers, and all the senior guys bring the young guys along with you at training.

“There’s definitely a few young guys that I’m hoping I can help out … hopefully we can take their games to the next level and that will elevate the team to the next level.”

Lawler said linking up with the Sharks was an easy decision.

“I had a little connection with Brad Dodd, the team manager who did a bit of reserves coaching down at Peel Thunder, and he gave me a call at the start of the year, noticed I hadn’t really signed up anywhere and managed to twist my arm to come back for another season,” Lawler told Sports Breakfast.

“Back end of when I was playing at Peel, I noticed they were a very young and up and coming group, then obviously [kept] an eye on them last year and the results, they had a pretty good year, pretty standout year.”

Lawler, who expects to settle into a pressure forward role after being used in a variety of jobs at Peel, said he has more to give at state league level.

“I think when you step away, there’s always that itch that wants to be scratched, really missed the high intensity training and that,” he said.

“It was always something I wanted to do, it was just whether it fitted in with having the kid and starting a business last year. It was a pretty busy year, that’s why I took the year off, but definitely glad I’ve made the decision to come back for a season or two.”

Lawler’s debut for his new club will come against his old one, with the Sharks meeting the Thunder at Lane Group Stadium on Good Friday in their season opener.



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